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Tianjin Golden World Group was founded in 1992,which on the basis of VB1synthetic drugs,biological medicine is the emphasis and involve drugs preparation and other areas of the comprehensive enterprise group.The main
product:RBX Series,Antivirus 
tablets,piracetam,Pidotimod etc 100 varieties.
Group has more than 1200 employees.Tianjin Zhongjin pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd,Tianjin Zhongwei pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd,Tianjin Zhongjin Biology Development Co.,Ltd,Tianjin Golden World pharmaceutical Co.,ltd.Tianjin Nanfang pharmaceutical Co.,ltd under the Group.The "Jinshi " brand VB1 have been awarded as Tianjin Famous Product and Tianjin Famous Brand Product.Our products are sold abroad in Europe America, South east Asia countries and other areas,and the the company with Morgan, A.M.C.,BASF and other foreign brands have established close business partnership.Meanwhile,our company which has great reputation and market competition in the world.
Based on the advantages on production,scientific research and business operation,Golden World Group further enhances communication and cooperation with friends at home and abroad,and makes great effort to develop high-tech products,patent products and excellent famous brand products so as to make more contribution to the development of China’s pharmaceutical undertaking and health of human being.

Tianjin Golden World Group   
ADD:NO.6 Xinghua Nine Branch Road,Xiqing Economic-Technological Development Area,Tianjin China.

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